Benefits and rewards for high-performing sales professionals

In the high-performance, driven environment at O’Keeffe & Swartz, we recognise and reward great performance. We are also concerned with your general health and wellbeing while you perform at your best.

Recognition for performance

At O'Keeffe & Swartz we reward you for exceptional performance. As a sales consultant we recognise your hard work, performance and commitment and pay performance bonuses every quarter if you reach or exceed your targets.

Rewarded for loyalty

We value employee loyalty. If you continue to work for us, we pay you a loyalty bonus at various times throughout your career.

Exciting incentives

Our regular incentives keep the excitement and energy levels high in the workplace. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis we run cash incentives for performance, giving you the opportunity to earn cash on the spot and boost your earnings.

Retirement and medical benefits

Our provident fund, which includes funeral benefits, offers you the opportunity to save for your future. Membership of the fund is compulsory after you have completed twelve months of employment, but you may join the fund sooner if you wish to. The medical aid we offer is subsidised by the company, providing you with access to private health care at an affordable rate.

Sociable environment

Most of our sales consultants are young, energetic and vibrant. At O'Keeffe & Swartz you'll be part of a dynamic team of go-getters - young adults who are motivated, performance-driven and know how to have fun in the process. After hours, life at O'Keeffe & Swartz is jam-packed with many organised social activities including netball and soccer leagues, and lively social events.

Health and well-being

Your health is important to us, and we understand the physical and emotional challenges of your role as a sales consultant. We have put facilities and activities in place to keep you fit and healthy while you work. We have a well-equipped gym on our premises that is available for your use at no charge. Every week we provide a free toning and fitness class, as well as ongoing health support that includes free flu vaccines and eye screening every year.

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