• Do I need funeral cover if I already have life insurance?

      Do you know what funeral insurance covers you for and what the key differences are between funeral and life insurance?  Many people believe that if they have life cover, that they don’t need funeral insurance.  It’s true that both funeral and life insurance are very important in your financial planning, so it should ne...

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  • Hospital cash plans emerge as essential financial protection for lower income groups

    Personal health is one our most important personal assets, so it’s not surprising that there are so many health insurance products available on the market.  With rapidly rising healthcare costs, and the challenges within South Africa’s public healthcare sector, many different insurance options have emerged that cater to a range of ...

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  • South Africans need access to simple insurance solutions

    SA’s lower income groups face greatest risk to health and income, making affordable insurance a vital risk mitigation tool. There are an estimated 20 disabling motor vehicle accidents daily on South Africa’s roads according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation. South Africans are also 40 times more likely to suffer a temporary di...

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  • Insurance telesales offers rewarding careers for the youth

    June is youth month and there’s no getting away from the pervading sense of gloom facing thousands of unemployed young South Africans. The challenge facing our economy is how to absorb a growing number of young people into the labour market when 47% of the unemployed youth have less than a matric according to census data. Yet even matriculant...

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  • Direct marketing for better insurance business

    In a tough economy where businesses are slashing budgets and wanting a clear ROI on every Rand spent, there’s nothinglike direct marketing to validate your marketing investment. Direct marketing is about contacting existing and potential customers who have given their permission to be contacted to promote your products or services. Unlike ab...

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