• Do I need funeral cover if I already have life insurance?

      Do you know what funeral insurance covers you for and what the key differences are between funeral and life insurance?  Many people believe that if they have life cover, that they don’t need funeral insurance.  It’s true that both funeral and life insurance are very important in your financial planning, so it should ne...

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  • A career in insurance telesales - more than meets the eye for class of 2015

    As the excitement of achieving a matric pass after 12 years of schooling subsides, the class of 2015 now faces the harsh reality of South Africa’s faltering economic growth. Employment statistics show that less than four out of every 10 of the 801 688 learners who registered to write the 2015 National Senior Certificate are likely to sec...

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  • Nine compelling reasons why outsourcing telesales makes business sense

    From banks to insurance underwriters, telesales stands out as one of the most successful sales channels in the insurance industry.  The 2014 Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) SA Bancassurance survey shows that call centres are one of the key channels for bancassurance distribution and the majority of banks rely on outsourced call centres to h...

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  • Ten critical questions a test telecampaign can answer

    If you’re in the business of developing and distributing insurance products, then you know that telesales should be an indispensable part oftaking your products to market. In fact, according to the 2014 Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) survey on the SA Bancassurance industry, telesales stands out as one of the most successful sales channels...

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  • Insurance telesales offers rewarding careers for the youth

    June is youth month and there’s no getting away from the pervading sense of gloom facing thousands of unemployed young South Africans. The challenge facing our economy is how to absorb a growing number of young people into the labour market when 47% of the unemployed youth have less than a matric according to census data. Yet even matriculant...

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  • Telesales pivotal in reaching underserved insurance markets

    By increasing insurance penetration and stabilising marginalised communities, telesales can help drive SA’s economic growth. The insurance sector plays a fundamental role in South Africa's economic growth. Lloyd's research shows that just a 1% increase in insurance penetration leads to increased investment equivalent to 2% of national GDP. T...

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