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When you partner with O'Keeffe & Swartz, you will get the support of a dedicated partner that is focused on all aspects of your outbound sales campaigns.

As our client, you will have access to our extensive experience and insight into direct marketing, supported by rigorous monitoring and continuous improvement campaigns to ensure the best sales results.

Our ability to deliver sales results for your business is built on the exceptional people whom we employ, bespoke technology that is adaptable to meet your requirements and stringent quality assurance and verification that ensures quality sales and compliance.

Our people

We are passionate about what we do. Our call centre provides an exciting and challenging work environment for hundreds of amazing young South Africans from all walks of life who are the heart and soul of our company. Our people strive to be the best and are supported by extensive and ongoing training, along with an environment that encourages personal achievement and career progression. We are proud to consistently attract and retain the best quality sales consultants.
Our training is conducted in-house by a passionate and performance-focused team. It produces professional, highly skilled and enthusiastic sales consultants.

Our technology

We utilise our own bespoke call centre application and predictive dialling solutions. Tested in the European and UK business environments, our dialler meets the stringent performance criteria and standards required to undertake responsible predictive dialling that does not damage customer relationships. Our software evolves in the call centre with input from sales agents and is a complete end-to-end solution that manages and monitors the effective processing of customer lists, predictive dialling and call centre agent workflow and performance.

Our quality assurance and verification

We use verification as a quality assurance mechanism, which means that the majority of sales calls are listened to and checked by a dedicated team ensuring that the most rigorous standards are applied using detailed processes. For our clients this means we ensure that sales adhere to legal requirements, that customer engagement is of the highest standard and customers experience a positive sales interaction. Our quality assurance and verification practices are not only innovative, but also among the best in the world. In the highly regulated financial services industry, we understand that quality and compliance are paramount for our clients.

What our clients say

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